0471 3010100 Emergency Contact : 0471 3010101


1 Dr. Radhakrishnan B Anesthesia MBBS, MD,M.Phil,FICA
2 Dr. Sivakumar R Pillai Anesthesia MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)
3 Dr.Suresh Babu R Anaesthesia MD,DNB,FCARCSI
4 Dr. Vimal V V Anesthesia MBBS,DA,MD(Anaesthesiology)
5 Dr.Robin Mathew Michael Anaesthesia MBBS,MD
6 Dr. Divya John Anaesthesia MBBS, DA, DNB(Anaesthesia), Fellowship in Liver Transplant Anaesthesia/Critical care


7 Dr.Shifas Babu.M Cardiologist – Interventional MBBS,MD(Medicine),DM(Cardiology),DNB(Cardiology) Monday, Wednesday & Friday
8 Dr.Jayapal Vidyadharan Cardiologist – Medical MD,PHD Tuesday & Saturday
9 Dr. S S Binu Cardiologist – Interventional MBBS, MD(Med), DNB(Med), DM(Cardiology) Thursday and Saturday
10 Dr.Santhosh K R Cardiologist – Interventional MBBS, MD(Med), MCh(Cardiology)
11 Dr.Bishnu Kiran Rajendran ,   Cardiologist – Interventional   MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DM(Cardiology)  Tuesday, Thursday,& Saturday

Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery

12 Dr.Rameshwara T Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery MS,MCh,DNB,FIACS

Emergency Medicine

13 Dr.Rehna Kamar Emergency Medicine Incharge MBBS, MEM(GWU,USA)
14 Dr. Roopasree Sivam Emergency Medicine  MBBS, MD(Emergency Medicine)
15 Dr Ashish Salim Emergency Medicine  MBBS, MD(Emergency Medicine)

Duty Registrars

16 Dr Rema Chandrasenan EMO MBBS,FCGP
17 Dr.Prashant Antony Rosario EMO MBBS
18 Dr. Divya B M OBG Jr Registrar MBBS
19 Dr.Robin R.B Duty Medical Officer MBBS
20 Dr. Sandra Marie Joe Duty Medical Officer MBBS
21 Dr. Marwah Roshan Duty Medical Officer MBBS
22 Dr. Akhila Ajay Duty Medical Officer MBBS
23 Dr. Prejisha S John Duty Medical Officer MBBS
24 Dr.Ponni G Jayan Duty Medical Officer MBBS
25 Dr. Geethu Vijayan Duty Medical Officer MBBS
26 Dr.Seethal Jose DMO -ICU Anesthetist MBBS, DNB (Anesthesia)
27 Dr.Sahil DMO -ICU Anesthetist MBBS, MD(Anesthesia)
28 Dr.Anjana Menon DMO -ICU Anesthetist MBBS, MD(Anesthesia)
29 Dr.Vysakhan MS DMO -ICU  MBBS, (MEM)
30 Dr.Jane Jose DMO -ICU  MBBS, (MEM)
31 Dr.Veena S DMO -ICU  MBBS, (MEM)
32 Dr. Tony Joseph DMO    MBBS

Critical Care

33 Dr.Jithu K V Intensivist MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology & Critical Care)
34 Dr.Rajesh S Intensivist MBBS,DNB Medicine,FNB(Critical Care)
35 Dr.Saneesh P J Intensivist MBBS, DNB,(Anesthesiology)
36 Dr. Mohin Georgee George Anesthetist MBBS, DA (Anesthesiology and Critical Care)
37 Dr. Jacob C Pilla ICU – General Medicine MBBS, MD (General Medicine)
38 Dr. A. Vetriselvi ICU – General Medicine MBBS, DNB(Gen Med)
39 Dr. Anvar M Ahammed Intensivist MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)


40 Dr. Swathi Dentistry BDS Monday to Saturday
41 Dr.Roshan Kurian Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics BDS, MDS
42 Dr.Aswin S Pedodontist BDS, MDS
43 Dr.Sabari Chandramohan Periodontist BDS, MDS
45 Dr. Segin Chandran K R Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery BDS, MDS(OMFS) DICOI PCAD(USA)
46 Dr. Anil V Koruthu Dentistry(Prosthodontics) BDS, MDS
47 Dr.Rasha Nasim Orthodontics BDS, MDS
48 Dr.Anand Sekhar Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgery BDS, MDS
49 Dr.Rubina Mathew Stephen Prosthodontics BDS, MDS


50 Dr. Suja V Dermatology MBBS,MD(D&V),M.Phil(Clinical Epidemiology) Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
51 Dr. Simi S.M Dermatology MBBS,MD(D&V) Monday, Wednesday & Friday


51 Dr.Mohan T Shenoy Endocrinology & Diabetology MBBS,MD,DM(Endocrinology) Tuesday,Thursday and Saturday
52 Dr.Tittu Oommen Endocrinology & Diabetology MBBS,MD,DM(Endocrinology)


53 Dr Manoj Krishanan ENT, Head, Neck & Skull Base Surgeon MBBS,DLO,DNB(ENT),FCNS(Skullbase Surg) Monday to Saturday
  Dr. Sonia Sera Thomas  ENT MBBS,MS-ENT. Monday to Saturday

Medical & Surgical Gastroenterology

54 Dr.Narendranathan M Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology MD,DM,MPH Monday & Friday
55 Dr Yamuna R Pillai Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology MBBS,MD,DM(MEDICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY) Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
56 Dr. Abhilash H Medical Gastroenterology & Hepatology MBBS, MD (Medicine), DM(Gastroenterology) Monday, Tuesday & Saturday
57 Dr Arun Kumar M.L Surgical Gastroenterology,Surgical Gastroenterology, Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Surgery MBBS,MS,DNB,MCh,DNB MRCSEd,FMAS,Fellowship in Liver Transplant PDF(HPB) Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
58 Dr. Sathchith S Surgical Gastroenterology,Surgical Gastroenterology, Hepato Pancreatico Biliary Surgery MBBS,MS,FMAS,FMIS Monday to Saturday
59 Dr.Praveen Babu Jonnalagadda Jr Consultant (Surg Gastro) MBBS, DNB(Gen:Surgery),

General Medicine

69 Dr Sudha P General Medicine MBBS,MD Tuesday, Friday Saturday
70 Dr. P Murukesan Sr Consultant(General Medicine) MBBS, MD Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
71 Dr. Maya K Ram General Medicine MBBS,MD(General Medicine) Monday to Saturday
72 Dr.Raina T Pillai General Medicine MBBS,MD(General Medicine) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
73 Dr.Dakshina Prasad General Medicine MBBS,MD(General Medicine) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
74 Dr Sanjay Zachariah General Medicine MBBS,MD Medicine Monday, Wednesday


75 Dr.Vishad Viswanath Immunologist MBBS, MD,DM


76 Dr.Bhargavi L Microbiology MBBS, MD (Microbiology)


77 Dr.Chacko Varghese Nephrologist MBBS,MD,DM,FRCP(Glas),FRCP(Edin),FRCP(London UK) Monday to Saturday
78 Dr.Midhun Ramesh  Consultant in Nephrology  MBBS, DCH,DNB,MNAMS Monday to Saturday


79 Dr Rani Nayar Neurology MBBS,MD(General Medicine),DM(Neurology),DPMR Friday, Saturday & Sunday
80 Dr. Aruna A Murty Neurology MBBS,MD(PGI),DNB,DM Neurology Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday& Friday.
82 Dr Anish L Neurology MBBS, MD (General Medicine), DM (Neurology) Monday,Wednesday & Thursday,Friday,Saturday

Neuro Surgery

83 Dr.Janardhanan Potty S NeuroSurgery MS, MCh(Neuro) Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
84 Dr Raymond Morris NeuroSurgery MS,MCh(Neuro) Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday


85 Dr.Radhakumari K OBG MBBS,MD Monday, Wednesday & Friday 
86 Dr Nimmy P OBG MBBS, MD,DGO Monday, Wednesday & Friday
87 Dr Manjusha Viswanathan OBG MBBS,DNB(OBG) Tuesday & Thursday
88 Dr.Mridula Devi S OBG MBBS,DGO Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday
89 Dr. Lekha K.L OBG MBBS,DGO,DNB,MNAMS,FMAS Monday to Saturday 
90 Dr Simmi Salim OBG MBBS,MSOG Tuesday
91 Dr Deepthi Balakrishnan OBG MBBS,MS(OBG)


92 Dr.Alex Abraham Orthopedics MBBS,D.Ortho,DNB Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
93 Dr.Kumar V K Orthopedics MBBS,D.Ortho,DNB ORTHO,MNAMS, Fellow in Joint Replacement Monday,Wednesday & Thursday
94 Dr Rajeev P Nair Orthopedics MBBS,MS.ORTHO,D.ORTHO Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday
95 Dr. Babloo Thomas Mani  Orthopedics MBBS, DNB(Orthopaedics) Monday to Saturday
96 Dr.Vinod Krishnan Paediatric Ortho MBBS,D’Ortho,DNB D’Ortho,MRCS


97 Dr. Jaya Suresh Babu Neonatologist MBBS,DCH,MRCPCH,MRCPI,MRCPS(Glasg) Monday to Sunday 
98 Dr. Noel Narayanan Paediatrics MD,DCH(London),MRCP(UK),FRCP(Glasgow) Friday
99 Dr. Rekha Hari Paediatrics MBBS, DCH, DNB (9AM to 4PM) Monday to Saturday 
100 Dr Vidya V.K Pediatrics MBBS,DCH,DNB(Pediatrics), MNAMS, PGPN(Nutrition) Monday to Saturday 
101 Dr.Siby Kurian Philip Pediatrics MBBS,MD(Paediatrics),DAA(Dip in Asthma & Allergy) Monday to Saturday 
102 Dr.Sunil Kumar K B Paediatrics MBBS, DCH, PGDAP Monday to Saturday
103 Dr.Shruthi.M Paediatrics MBBS,DCH
104 Dr. Mrinal S Pillai Neonatologist MBBS,MD(Paediatics),DNB(Neonatology)
105 Dr.Nousheed Ani M Neonatologist MBBS, MD(Pediatrics), FNNF(Fellowship in Neonatology)

Pediatric Surgery

106 Dr. P.Y Henry Peadiatric Surgery MS,MCh,DNB,FMAS
107 Dr.Mathew P George Pediatric Surgery MS,MCh


108 Dr.Geetha .S Pathology MBBS,MD (Pathology)


109 Dr.Jayarus P.K Psychiatry MD(General Medicine),DPM(Psychiatry)
110 Dr.Sujan.T.Raj Psychiatry MBBS,MD(Psychiatry)


111 Dr. Sudheendra Ghosh C Pulmonology MD(Med),MD(Chest),DNB(Resp.Med)DTCD,MPH(USA) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday  & Saturday
112 Dr.Prabhachandran Nair M.G Pulmonology MBBS,MD(Med),DNB(Chest),FCCP Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Radio Diagnosis

113 Dr Visakh Prasad Radiodiagnosis MBBS,DNB,DMRD
114 Dr Manjusha S.D Radiodiagnosis MBBS, DNB(Radiology)
115 Dr Reshmi C.P Radiodiagnosis MBBS, DMRD, DNB(RD)

Interventional Radiology

116 Dr.Vinay Kumar D.P Interventional Radiology MBBS,MD,DNB-RADIODIAGNOSIS
117 Dr.Rajesh S Interventional Radiology MBBS, MD (Rad), PDCC


118 Dr Balachandran C Urology MBBS,MS,MCh,FRCS,FEBU Monday to Saturday
119 Dr.Gini A K Urologist MBBS, MS, MCh(Urology) Monday, Tuesday. Thursday  & Saturday
120 Dr.Arun B Urologist MBBS,MS, MCh Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
121 Dr Vinod K.V Urologist MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Urology)

Surgical Oncology

122 Dr.Ansar P P Surgical Oncologist MBBS,MS(GEN SURG),DMB (Surgical Oncology) Monday & Friday


123 Dr. Minu Sasikumar Ophthalmology   Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

General Surgery

125 Dr Sunandha Kumari L T General Surgery MBBS,MS(General Surgery) Monday to Saturday
126 Dr. M K Jeevan General Surgery MBBS,M.S (General Surgery) Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
127 Dr.Karthikeyan C Sr.Surgeon B.Sc,MBBS,MS,FAIS,FAES Tuesday & Thursday  
128 Dr. Nisha Prasannan  General Surgery MBBS, DNB Monday to Saturday

Plastic Surgery

129 Dr.Vinodh Kumar Plastic Surgeon MBBS, MS(Gen Surg), DNB, MNAMS(Plastic Surgery)
130 Dr.Vijayakumar P Plastic Surgeon MS(Gen Surg),M.Ch(Plastic Surgery), FRCS(Glasg)
131 Dr.Unnikrishnan Plastic Surgeon MS, M.Ch

Vascular Surgery

132 Dr. Paul F Britto Advance Laproscopic & Endovenous Surgeon MBBS,MS(General Surgery), FIAGES, FALS(LAP)

Spine Surgery

133 Dr Ashok Thomas Spine Surgery MBBS, MS(Ortho), DNB,FNB(Spine),FSS(USA) Wednesday